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Support Specialist (Part-Time, Weekend Morning or Afternoon Shift)

RemoteUnited States, New York, New YorkCustomer Support

Job description

Customer Support Specialists offer help to the users of POAP - whether they be Collectors or Issuers - through the use of our online chat-bubble system (Intercom). You will be required to provide this support to our users in as professional, kind, and swift a manner as possible. This requires a strong technical understanding and familiarity with our product and how it's used. Naturally, strong interpersonal skills are a must. Due to POAP's nascency, its product is fluid and ever-changing; this means there is lots of opportunity for those who can thrive in such an environment.


  • Responding to customer questions within a timely fashion (<2 minutes from initial contact).
  • Maintaining a positive attitude during all interactions with Customers.
  • Maintaining a customer satisfaction rating of >80%
  • Document and organize Customers' feedback regarding Support Documentation so that instructional content may be produced and improved upon.
  • Staying up-to-date with all POAP process/flow changes as well as changes to the POAP ecosystem as you must be able to explain these to users.


Morning shift


8-hour shift:

7:00-15:00 eastern time

Opportunity for additional hours as well.

Midnight shift

Friday night-Saturday morning:

8-hour shift:


eastern time

Opportunity for additional hours as well.

Job requirements

  • Time management skills
    • As a part-time work-from-home position, you must be able to manage your time effectively so as to complete all work required in a timely fashion.
  • Strong independence/self-management skills
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Fluency in English
    • Preference given to multi-lingual individuals
  • Thorough understanding of POAP and its products:
    • Drop creation
    • Distribution methods and how to set them up
      • Websites
      • Secrets
      • Deliveries
      • Discord Bot(s)
      • Telegram Bot(s)
      • Decentraland Dispensers
    • Marketing utility and POAP's value proposition
    • Use cases and how to set them up
  • Strong sense of teamwork/interpersonal coordination
    • With a team as remote and diversified as ours, respectful communication, patience, and cooperation are key.


  • Users from our community with a thorough understanding of POAP and the event creation/distribution process.
  • Individuals who have worked customer service roles in the past (preferably online).
  • Strong independent learners.