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Lead Product Owner

RemoteUnited States, New York, New YorkProduct

Job description

The POAP ecosystem is a many-layered network of platforms, integrations, applications, products, and services — all built on the Proof of Attendance Protocol. This protocol, a set of smart contracts, is the infrastructure that enables memories, milestones, and experiences to be minted on the blockchain by POAP issuers and collectors.POAP inc. currently governs and supports the Proof of Attendance Protocol. As a company, we are dedicated to building a world where everyone can preserve their memories using a reliable standard, empowering collectors with true ownership of their digital assets. This includes developing software, incubating products and organizations, and funding projects and communities that enrich the POAP ecosystem.The Lead Product Owner at POAP inc. establishes and guides the vision for how the protocol will help the broader POAP ecosystem, and its community of POAP issuers and collectors, flourish.

· Collaborate with other stakeholders to identify business priorities and define releases
· Translate needs into actionable work items for internal or external teams
· Drive a cross-functional team to expertly ideate, plan, design, and develop new products and features, taking into account the target market and overall user experience
· Work collaboratively to groom backlogs, plan sprints, and conduct retros
· Ensure clear definition and communication of POAP issuance criteria, and adherence to these criteria
· Maintain a close ear to the ground for the needs of various members of the POAP ecosystem

Job requirements

We are looking for someone sharp, opinionated, and diplomatic who has a clear vision of what “delight” should feel like. You should be able to quickly absorb new ideas and contextualize how these ideas fit into the Proof of Attendance Protocol and the POAP ecosystem. We’re looking for:

· Experience leading the development of products that are simultaneously beautiful and useful
· Strong written and verbal communication skills
· Initiative, ambition, and enthusiasm to build the best POAP possible