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RemoteUnited States, New York, New YorkCuration Body

Job description

As a living organism, POAP takes great pride in the history and ongoing evolution of the protocol. Historians occupy a role within the curation body that aims to aggregate, structure, preserve, and share the history of the POAP ecosystem. If you believe that understanding the past is imperative to creating the future, and want to integrate that mission with that of POAP, you may find this role a good fit.


  • Produce public-facing weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports on the state of affairs within the POAP ecosystem.
  • Keep on top of POAP social and community activity, including shared moments and notable drops.
  • Create and drop POAPs to commemorate moments shared by POAP issuers, collectors, developers, and other members of the POAP ecosystem.
  • Curate content and media resulting from POAP’s engagement with the surrounding community.
  • Maintain accurate documentation around curation body policy and processes.

Job requirements

This is a relatively senior role reporting to the curation manager with flexible hours. Good candidates should be quite self directed, able to prioritize well, and have a strong passion for story telling.

  • Strong written communication skills as well as a good sense of editorial taste. Experience in journalism or editorial is highly relevant.
  • An intuitive capacity for filtering, structuring, and presenting relevant information.
  • Strong sense of what ethical and objective reporting looks like.
  • An aptitude for extracting information, combined with great networking skills, are a dynamite combination.