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Frontend - Sr Software Engineer I

RemoteUnited States, New York, New YorkEngineering

Job description

About POAP

POAP is a platform that allows Issuers to distribute badges in the form of NFTs to Collectors when they take part in an activity such as an event or a landmark occasion. Issuers range from small events and communities to event-organizing companies and departments with numerous people working in teams.
POAPs mission it’s to solidify its position as the best ecosystem for the preservation of memories, serving more communities more reliably.
POAP is a complex product with the end goal of enabling everyone to preserve their memories using a reliable standard, empowering the collectors with true ownership of their digital assets. Our products act as a bridge between mainstream and web3 by providing a friendly way to interact with blockchain technologies while offering a world class experience.

About the role

As a Frontend Software Engineer at POAP, you will join our Engineering team with the objective of delivering new features with a clean and seamless user experience. You will leverage your expertise to raise the bar for our products and development practices.

As part of the Frontend Engineering team you will be expected to scope and deliver high quality features while maintaining the best engineering practices. POAPs culture is based on teamwork and support, so we strive to communicate, provide constructive feedback and achieve more by working together.

You will be required to work in teams alongside back end developers, graphic designers, and user experience designers to ensure all elements of web creation are consistent.

As part of a team, you are expected to act as an owner of the projects you participate on, being responsible for quality and timely deliveries, proactive to coordinate with other parties and manage project delivery as a whole.

Role & Responsibilities


  • Have the ability to voice concerns in a constructive manner, disagree and commit

  • Independently scope and implement quality solutions, promoting good practices such as testing and documenting

  • Understand and help define better processes at engineering

  • Proposed reasoned design decisions, communicating risks and tradeoffs

  • Own their features: Accountability from planning to deployment, use analytics to understand users and make informed decisions

  • Estimate methodically and know when to cut scope

  • Develop solid understanding of domains on POAPs codebase and how the users use products and services

  • Work with cross functional teams, communicating technical issues clearly and in time

  • Share knowledge with more junior engineers while raising the bar on best practices, having a positive impact in various teams

  • Trusted to manage with full autonomy

  • Have a growth mindset towards feedback, sharing with both leaders and teammates

  • Understands the organization's context and ready to make changes to support wider goals


Key Metrics

  • Team velocity

  • On time deliveries

  • Team cycle time

  • Net Promoter Score / Customer satisfaction

Tech Stack

  • Typescript as our programming language of choice 

  • NextJS as our frontend platform

  • React as our frontend library

  • Sass and CSS Modules for implementation of css styling 

  • Datadog and Sentry for logging and monitoring

  • GitHub to manage our source code

  • Cypress, React Test Library, Jest to run our tests

  • Auth0 to manage authentication of users

Job requirements

Required skills and experience

  • 5+ years of experience working as a Front end Software Engineer

  • 3+ years working with Reactjs or similar frameworks (Vue, Angular, Ember, etc.)

  • Knowledge working with JS, HTML and CSS

  • Experience working with MVC client side frameworks

  • Fluent in English.

  • You have a keen understanding of what is needed to deliver software on time with high standards of quality.

  • You are very well organized and extremely focused on structure and documentation.

  • You are always on the look out for process optimizations that result in productivity increases.

  • Ability to create and communicate goals, foster accountability and ownership.

  • Excellent communication skills, with experience in communicating across internal departments and to stakeholders.

  • Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain knowledge is a nice to have.