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Backend - Sr Software Engineer II

RemoteUnited States, New York, New YorkEngineering

Job description

About POAP

POAP is a platform that allows Issuers to distribute badges in the form of NFTs to Collectors when they take part in an activity such as an event or a landmark occasion. Issuers range from small events and communities to event-organizing companies and departments with numerous people working in teams.
POAPs mission it’s to solidify its position as the best ecosystem for the preservation of memories, serving more communities more reliably.
POAP is a complex product with the end goal of enabling everyone to preserve their memories using a reliable standard, empowering the collectors with true ownership of their digital assets. Our products act as a bridge between mainstream and web3 by providing a friendly way to interact with blockchain technologies while offering a world class experience.

About the role

As a Senior Backend Software Engineer at POAP, you will join our Backend Engineering team to work on our new and existing projects. We have an ambitious roadmap ahead of us which will bring interesting challenges and opportunities for development.

As part of the Backend Engineering team you will be expected to be focused on technical decision making that affects complex systems, acting as a go-to expert within the whole Engineering division. POAPs culture is based on teamwork and support, so we strive to communicate, provide constructive feedback and achieve more by working together.

Technology and people are the way in which we aim to achieve POAPs mission. We work in autonomous teams that self-organise, have ownership over the products they build and collaborate with other teams in order to constantly raise the bar on our end user experience.

We will encourage you to develop yourself as a professional and outgrow your responsibilities by providing challenging opportunities to make a real difference in a fast growing company.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Deliver code that sets the standards of quality

  • Develop a broad understand of our architecture and system, comprehending the impact among multiple teams

  • Write exemplar code reviews

  • Plan and execute complex project with numerous resources

  • Consistently deliver high quality releases while lowering complexity

  • Help define roadmaps and contribute to major architectural decisions, tackling tech debt generation proactively

  • Work effectively with cross functional teams to solve complex issues

  • Share status clearly and set the standard for communication among teams

  • Able to communicate medium-term strategic decisions to teams on your domain

  • Provide mentoring, empowering other engineers and promoting best practices

  • Able to lead multi person, multi sprint projects

  • Helps reach consensus on complex issues

  • Has full awareness of organizational status and helps others navigate change


Key Metrics

  • Team velocity

  • On time deliveries

  • Team cycle time

  • Net Promoter Score / Customer satisfaction

Tech Stack

  • Typescript as our programming language of choice 

  • Node.js as our backend platform

  • TypeORM, NestJS, Mongoose as our backend libraries

  • Postgres as our core database

  • Redis for caching

  • SQS to manage background tasks

  • Some AWS services to send emails and store objects

  • Datadog and Sentry for logging and monitoring

  • GitHub to manage our source code

  • Jest to run our tests

Job requirements

Required skills and experience

  • 7+ years of experience working as a Software Engineer with Java or NodeJS (or confident that you can cross train and up skill quickly on our tech stack)

  • 4+ years of experience working with relational databases or NoSQL databases.

  • 3+ years leading teams through complex projects

  • Vast experience working with microservices and/or distributed systems

  • Extensive engineering experience at fast growing tech companies focusing on the backend

  • Deep understanding of database structures, theories, principles, and best practices

  • Experience developing scalable REST APIs in cloud environments.

  • You have a keen understanding of what is needed to deliver software on time with high standards of quality.

  • You are very well organized and extremely focused on structure and documentation

  • You are always on the look out for process optimizations that result in productivity increases.

  • Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain knowledge is a nice to have.